Songs inspired by cuban cuisine

5 Songs inspired by cuban cuisine or cuba restaurant.

Cuba restaurant cuisine and music, united by art. 5 Songs inspired by Cuban cuisine, because in the largest Caribbean Island, music also enters the kitchen. Like we say in spanish sabor de cuba 5.

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A paradise of crystal-clear waters, breathtaking sunsets, breathtaking beaches, exceptional weather … cuba food menu has a lot to offer talking about lobster , pork , shrimp in our paladar. This Caribbean archipelago also has an undeniable cultural wealth, and one of its pillars is undoubtedly gastronomy and music in the cuban restaurant and bar. 5 Songs inspired by Cuban cuisine.

Always together music and food, they always chronicle the history of the Island. On our website we propose a trip through the most musical of gastronomy; The Cuban Your visit in this country is not complete until you try one of these 5 essential dishes of Cuban cuisine and food places in trinidad made song.

Buena Fe y Frank Delgado: Mamífero Nacional our firts of 5 Songs inspired by Cuban cuisine

The first on this list of 5 Songs inspired by Cuban cuisine, could not be other than the pig, raised by Buena Fe and Frank Delgado in this popular piece of music to the classification of National Mammal. Necessary and indispensable in every holiday and celebration, the pork was introduced in restaurants in cuba menu more than five centuries ago. Its different elaborations delight diners not only nationals, but foreigners who come in search of the best of Caribbean cuisine and paladar in cuba.

Masitas de cerdo al vino

Pa´l intelectual más fino

The parts of the animal are used in various dishes. The legs give the beans an exquisite flavor, the roast pig’s tail is a prize for children while the head turns the broth into a delicacy, tasted even by the most aristocrat you can found in trinidad cuba restaurants. And that would be a good fufú of green bananas and the tasty tamale without, at least, ¡some chicharroncito!

Orquesta Aragón: Olga la Tamalera

And with the tamales we follow this list of the 5 essential dishes of Cuban cuisine made song. In 1949 Olga Moré Jiménez, a native of Cruces, Cienfuegos, began selling tamales at the corner of Prado and Neptuno in Havana. Today you can found in trinidad places to eat. The quality of its tamales quickly made it very popular and inspired the famous chachacha that remained a musical success for a long time in cuban food in cuba.

The Aragon Orchestra in the 50s includes this theme in its repertoire, shooting it to the sky of the Cuban music classics. Who can resist the sticky chorus ?:

Me gustan los tamalitos

Los tamalitos que vende Olga

Pican, no pican

Los tamalitos que vende Olga, Olga.

Trío Matamoros: Quimbombó que resbala pa la yuca seca.

5 Songs inspired by Cuban cuisine
Trío Matamoros: Quimbombó que resbala pa la yuca seca : Fotografía Teddy Bravo Saavedra

The okra is the fruit of the plant of the same name. Originally from Africa, it was introduced in Cuba by the natives of that continent, who were brought as slaves to our island. The different parts of the plant are also used in Cuba for medicinal purposes for nail fungus and the infusion of its leaves is recommended for a sore throat.

This vegetable accompanies very well, meats and rice of different types. Miguel Chapotín, author of this sticky melody says so:

Señores no sé qué pasa

Con los pollos de hoy en día

Quieren comer quimbombó

Con ñame, carne y morcilla.

And since we talk about the okra, the next piece of music is dedicated to la Yucca.

El Guayabero: La Yuca de Casimiro

Yucca de Casimiro is a classic from the repertoire of Faustino Oramas, known as El Guayabero. Popular troubadour, he is recognized as “the major juggler of Cuba” and achieved fame as “the king of double meaning” for his ability and grace to blend complex sung stories that show humor and mischief, where word games and metaphors induce the public to laugh.

What did Casimir’s cassava have? This Son Montuno tells the story of Casimiro, a farmer who in the “Cojimal” farm manages to grow a very good yucca. Everything was going well until the day comes to take it out: The government commissioned / to decree an embargo / on that site / Because the cassava measured / a kilometer long /.

When choosing Yucca, who cooks is demanding because here, size does matter. Small yuccas according to the popular Cuban tradition you can found in trinidad restaurant near me, tend to be harder, bitter and it is difficult to peel them. This did not happen with Casimiro’s, because according to Guayabero:

Allí llegaron de Oriente

veinte muchachas preciosas

veinte verdaderas rosas

que perfumaban el ambiente.

Hay una precisamente

la hija de Clodomiro

que al verla lanzó un suspiro

y dijo de esta manera:

“Yo sí me como entera

La yuca de Casimiro”

In our country, yucca is prepared boiled in pieces popular in havana restaurant cuba, which are then spread with a crushed garlic mojo and sour orange (or lemon), and then it is poured clean and very hot pork fat and salt to taste.

5-Rita Montaner: Ay Mama Inés

Songs inspired by cuban cuisine
Rita Montaner: Ay Mama Inés :Fotografía Teddy Bravo Saavedra

And we close this selection with the exquisite aroma of Cuban coffee in a restaurant in trinidad, which has inspired more than one artist of any manifestation. 5 Songs inspired by Cuban cuisine The theme of the song Ay Mama Inés, is about a black slave of the time who liked dancing, music, as well as roaming at all times. Mama Inés is characterized as a robust black woman with a tobacco always burning in her mouth, to smoke it with all pleasure, which only interrupted to drink freshly brewed coffee. And this song has the flavor of the three best flavors of Cuba: Tobacco, rum rum and coffee.

In the time of Mama Inés, coffee sneaked into a kind of cloth funnel: the strainer. The water along with the sugar was boiled in a metal container, which was then poured into the strainer; This allowed only the liquid to pass through, now black, with a peculiar flavor and aroma that distinguishes it to this day. This is how coffee was spilled in Cuba for hundreds of years until the invention of Italian coffee makers in 1933, which arrived on the island years later, enduring in our kitchens until today. Cuban restaurant have a lot of friend in the word today like has you can see on or

A curious fact of la cuba. The coffee maker is the only element of the kitchen that the Cuban never saves. It is always on the plateau or the stove, waiting for a visit to arrive to the best restaurants trinidad cuba, whether it is late or dawn. When its sound of gargantuan gargles begins, it attracts everyone to the kitchen to share with a “buchito” of coffee and perhaps with the distant melody of the tango-congo that says in its chorus:

Ay Mama Inés!

Ay Mama Inés!

Todo lo negro tomamos café.

Trío Matamoros: Quimbombó que resbala pa la yuca seca.
Café Cubano: Fotografía Teddy Bravo Saavedra

Tell us if you have tried any of these dishes, all available in our Restaurant Cubita Santander trinidad en cuba, meanwhile: good appetite and good luck.