Cuban coffee, the best in the world in one of best restaurants trinidad cuba.

Cuban coffee the best in the world in one of best restaurants trinidad cuba

Cuban coffee the best in the world in one of best restaurants trinidad cuba is famous for a host of peculiarities that make us a unique and full of wonders culture. Cuban coffee the best in the world in one of best restaurants trinidad cuba .One of them is our incomparable tall coffee. Converted into a national drink in the mid-18th century, the aromatic and tasty coffee accompanies the Cuban people at each table and at any time of the day in special in bistro trinidad cuba

By: Froilán Fontela Oviedo.

Express Coffee in best restaurants trinidad cuba
Express Coffee

On fancy restaurants in Trinidad the coffee you can drink in Cuba is the result of a process of harvesting, drying and roasting the berries of the coffee bush. Coffee is good in tropical climates and that of Central America and the Antilles is recognized as one of the best in the world. The plant is not endemic to Cuba, the Spaniards enter the colonial conquest and the first plantation is founded in the middle of the 18th century.

After the revolution of Haiti, which was a French colony, there was a great Franco-Antillean migration to the island of Cuba, and with it the massive sowing of coffee that was very good because of the climate and soil characteristics. A few decades later, coffee displaces chocolate as a national drink in cuba and trinidad. Cuban coffee the best in the world in one of best restaurants trinidad cuba.

Spanish Coffee with Brandy as cuban coffee.
Condensed milk coffee

One hundred years later, coffees or blue plates became one of the most important branches of business on the island. The aromatic derivative of this grain became a fundamental part of breakfast and in general the favorite non-alcoholic digestive of Cubans. Coffee with milk is almost a national institution. Black and strong are preferred; Watery coffee is almost an insult. And today we respect that in Trinidad colonial Cuba the best place to be close to authentic coffee in the island come directly from the mountain.

Importance of coffee in the Cuban economy. Cuban coffee the best in the world in one of best restaurants trinidad cuba

The coffee, together with the sugar cane, adapted so well to the soil in the territory of the Island, that in a short time the economic gains of the Spaniards in Cuba, was based on these two products.

By the 19th century, it was Cuba that controlled much of the export and price of coffee in the rest of the world, and displaced Haiti as the main coffee exporting island.

Spanish Coffee with Brandy in trinidad en cuba
Spanish Coffee with Brandy

Since coffee was so at hand, the Cuban began to consume it several times a day. Even many families came to plant their own coffee bushes, and consume it locally. Turn the Cubita Santander for even the coffee excellencies in the top restaurants in trinidad. Cuban coffee the best in the world in one of best restaurants trinidad cuba

A curious detail is that the demand for Cuban coffee the best in the world

Became so high in Cuba, that at that point it had to be compensated with imports from other Caribbean islands, but government measures were taken to encourage them to continue planting coffee plantations and in a short time Cuba resumed place as an exporter.

best place to drink coffee in trinidad look like how to say hello in cuban
Coffee Irish with Whisky

In the sixties, Cuba exported about sixty million tons of coffee to the world. The species that is most cultivated is Arabic, which has about fifteen different varieties.

At present, to the state prioritize the planting of cane, the restrictions for its commercialization, the economic blockade and the wear of the soils, Cuba has drastically lowered its coffee production in recent years, and although its local production is still important, they are currently going through an import process again. Cuba is expected to resume its high rate of coffee production in the following years in the all map of cuba trinidad.

Cuban coffee in the kitchen of Cubita Santander.

This national drink has become not only the typical coffee cup to share with friends or family in the country. Coffee is also present in kitchens, such as dishes or dressings, which brings fresh and concentrated aromas and flavors.

Cappuccino Coffee trinidad is how to say hello in cuban
Cappuccino Coffee

In the Cubita Santander Restaurant of the city of Trinidad, within our menu we have several elaborations and dishes that use coffee: back to cuba menu.

As main dish in trinidad en cuba we have Noah’s Ark:

 It is Sierra wheels, fresh fish, grilled with natural oil, onion, salt, pepper and then perfumed with a coffee sauce that gives the characteristic and heady roma of the typical coffee Cuban.

On the other hand, in desserts we present the Afocato to your enjoyment: a cup of hot coffee that is mounted with a scoop of ice cream on top and coconut liquor. You can also find in our menu the Trinitarian Fusion dessert: an intense chocolate mousse, on which Havana Club rum and coffee harvested in the nearby Escambray mountains one of the best areas for cultivation on the Island, all accompanied for a garnish that includes a homemade sweet and crunchy cookie that gives your palate the perfect combination of aroma, flavor and texture. Only found in best places to eat in cuba.

In our canteen, you find different drinks, such as the traditional ones:

Cuba reservations like Café bombón, cut, espresso, cappuccino, Irish Coffee, Spanish Coffee and in the cocktail bar we propose you the Daiquirí Cubita, characteristic of our restaurant, it is the well-known daiquirí made in Cuba, with the variation of incorporating a coffee liquor, of the Mulata brand, produced in the central area of ​​the Island.

Drink coffee look like how to say hello in cuban

As a curious note, so that you know more about Cuban customs: coffee many times on the table of the inhabitants of this island, is served as a dessert or digestive, eliminating sweets. It is common after each meal, serve the steaming drink to the diners to conclude dinner or lunch, but to extend the time of desktop.

For us Cubans any time of day is suitable for a cup of coffee. At breakfast it is almost religious, but it also gets used to mid-morning, to finish a meal, mid-afternoon, and of course at dinner. A meeting, visit or business agreement cannot be held without a cup of coffee being present, it is almost unthinkable for Cubans. So we invite you to restaurant in trinidad to taste an excellent and Cuban and typical coffee.