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Young man in the kitchen

Young man in the kitchen young man in the kitchen
Kevin Pérez Rivero:Fotografía Teddy Bravo Saavedra

Cubita Santander trinidad en cuba, committed to the future and the best of Cuban cuisine. Being able to be in that little universe that is the young man in the kitchen and that I feel in love with is the best gift restaurante s Cubita Santander trinidad en cuba has given me. This is how Kevin Pérez Rivero, a 15-year-old young chef, Second Place in the Ibero-American Kitchen Olympiad 2019 tells us. Learn about his history of commitment and triumphs.

Author: Froilán Fontela Oviedo.

Memories are important for everyone, keeping in life those moments that make us unique and always being able to repeat them. One of the best memories are those first meals, of how each of us discover flavors in each different dish served with love at home.

Kevin Pérez Rivero has always been a happy child, since he was a child he helped in the kitchen with minor tasks, since the alchemy of cooking from the age of 4 was always stimulating and attractive. Today with only 15 years of age, Kevin already has recognition as one of the best young chefs in Cuba, having several awards from the Culinary Federation of Cuba and the W.A.C.S (World Association of Chefs Societies).Turn into a great in food and cuba turismo.

For these reasons, and because our Restaurant Cubita Santander, is committed to safeguarding the Cuban and Trinitarian gastronomic heritage, Kevin was invited to practice his skills in our kitchen to the delight of the guests who visit us. Or as our customers say paladares cuba.

Meet Kevin young man in the kitchen of restaurant in trinidad.

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Luis Alberto Lezcano y Kevin Pérez Rivero :Fotografía Teddy Bravo Saavedra

With only 5 years kevin have el sabor de cuba 5 in the house family meals were held where many friends attended, my dad cooked for this type of meetings, cut an onion and helped him in whatever he allowed me and so little by little and I was introduced in that world of Kitchen – remember this young chef. Waoo.

At the young age of 9 he finds at the International Book Fair in Havana the stand dedicated to the kitchen, and from that moment he is linked to gastronomy. A short time later, he is part of the Art Chef Project that aims to help the development of culinary art on the Island.

His parents at all times provided him with the necessary support so that at such a young age he could be in the kitchens and execute the elaborations that Safety children should not do. In a short time, Kevin manages to stand out for his applied work and dedication to trinidad en cuba cuisine, getting to know the traditional and more contemporary forms of Cuban cuisine.

Because of his talent and skill, Kevin is chosen from a list of young Cuban chefs to participate in October 2018 in the First Ibero-American Cooking Olympiad based in El Salvador and the presence of competitors from 27 countries.

During the months before the Olympiad, our main chef Luis Alberto González Lezcano distinguished member of the W.A.C.S and jury of the event, prepared Kevin for this culinary fight. Kevin prepared the following menu:

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Tartar de Camarón aromatizado al humo de legítimo Tabaco Habano.

Filete de Pescado a la Santa Bárbara, bañado en leche de coco

Espuma ron, café y chocolate

But he also loves to cook, fufu cubano, enchilado de camarones nitza villapol, mashed malanga, and hope someday get in to the cuban cocktails book, and show the real el rum rum el cuba, and work in floridita cuba or a trinidad bar.

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Cava Restaurante Cubita Santander :Fotografía Teddy Bravo Saavedra

This menu awarded him the second place of the Ibero-American Kitchen Olympiad with very little margin for first place. According to Chef Luis Alberto, the line that unites all products was the flavors and smells of Cuba. What does Cuba taste like? It tastes like el rum rum, coffee and tobacco; All this transports you to this Caribbean Island. In addition to the techniques, order and cleanliness of the young chef in its preparation.

This competition served to measure knowledge, galeria food for a competition is nothing like other experiences – Kevin young man in the kitchen explains – it helped me to awaken new knowledge and skills that may be asleep because cooking in international competitions of this type is not the same as doing it In the kitchen of your restaurant, 3 to 5 elaborations are done at the same time and there are two jurors: one dedicated to seeing the development of the dish with skills that you must demonstrate and a second jury that evaluates the presentation and the flavors.

The complete menu must tell a story and have a common thread that takes the diner on a trip through the senses that the food awakens.

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This 15-year-old boy dedicated his Christmas holidays, to continue practicing in the kitchen of our Restauran Cubita Santander. He traveled more than 300 kilometers from the capital of the country to enter our stoves Why? Cubita Santander is a restaurante s committed to the formation of new cooking talents, in order to maintain the culinary culture of the country, which distinguishes us as Cubans at the table. Likewise, Cubita Santander best restaurants trinidad cuba staff is highly trained and is dedicated to sharing the culinary knowledge learned in the years of experience that guarantee the category of best restaurant in trinidad or restaurants in trinidad cuba.

restaurant in trinidad young man in the kitchen
Luis Alberto Lezcano y Kevin Pérez Rivero :Fotografía Teddy Bravo Saavedra

According to Kevin Pérez Rivero young man in the kitchen, this has been, after his second place in El Salvador, the best experience lived throughout the year. Fruitful and very valuable to me, he says, my friends don’t understand how to waste my vacation at work, but I don’t perceive it as a waste of time or as a job in best places to eat in cuba. Living these days and practicing with the collective of workers of the best restaurant in Trinidad, Cubita Santander, is a pleasure and a pride.

Pre-university student Kevin Pérez already has his future in the insured kitchen, at the end of this teaching, he will apply for the Food Degree at the University of Havana. He continues his training and will return every time he can to the best restaurant in Trinidad: Cubita Santander, a space where he not only eats well and is pleasant, but also cares about the future of Cuban cuisine. Thank you for choosing us, we will not disappoint your trust.