Rum symbol of Cuban culture in the Cubita Santander

Rum symbol of Cuban culture in the Cubita

Rum, symbol of Cuban culture in the Cubita Santander By: Froilán Fontela Oviedo.

Rum is one of the favorite drinks in Cuba easy to found in the best places to have dinner in Trinidad. Not only can you enjoy a wide variety of cocktails and typical recipes, it is also an identity symbol that amalgams the sugarcane and party industry in a single international concept. When it comes to rum, the Cuban is – par excellence – the most special in America and Europe.

paladar in trinidad and Cuban rum
Cuban Rum. Fotografía: Teddy Bravo Saavedra

A little history of rum symbol of Cuban culture in the Cubita Santander and restaurant for dinner in Trinidad.

The word rum has its origin in the name given to it by the first English settlers: it was called kill-devil or rumbullion (a word from Devonshire, England, which means ‘a great tumult’). Subsequently, it was simply called “rum”, and its current name is born from its Castilianization.

Rum is a drink that boomed after the colonization of the Antilles, following the introduction of sugarcane by the Spaniards. Cuba is also known as the Island of Rum. The rum comes from the aged brandy or tafia, its ancestor, that the sailors and pirates already knew. Initially, this process was done in large vases of clay that were buried in the earth, and later the copper still began to be used.

Rum is obtained from fermentation and subsequent distillation of molasses extracted from sugarcane. First, special yeasts are used to start fermenting cane juice. This process takes about a week and results in brandy. This is placed in wooden barrels, especially oak, which are aged for four to five years. Cuban rum is classified as white, which is mild and dry, and amber rum, which is sweeter and aged.

Passing the seventeenth century, rum became a strong economic entrance for Cuba. By the 19th century the island already had more than a thousand distilleries, which were often found in or near the same sugarcane mills.

Cuba produces sober and balanced rums, with body and aging in oak. Among the best are those produced by the brands Havana Club, Arecha, Santiago de Cuba, Cubay, Legendario or Caney.

The old Matusalem is no longer produced in Cuba

Rum symbol of Cuban culture in the Cubita Santander
Cuban Rum. Fotografía: Teddy Bravo Saavedra

 it was produced in Florida and since 2002 in the Dominican Republic, in the old Matusalem distillery in Santiago de Cuba, rum is made today that honors the city with its name, the “Santiago de Cuba “, of excellent quality as its predecessor.

Since 1862 the Varadero Rum is manufactured in Santiago de Cuba, which has as its characteristic that the best sugar cane in the region is used in its production, as certified by the Cuban industry. His best presentation is that of Varadero 7 years, a dark and sweet rum with a pleasant caramel flavor.

Rum is a symbol of Cuban identity and is not only used in countless cocktails (of course, it is also only in demand), but it is also an important part of the island’s cuisine when integrated with various traditional and more modern recipes of the new Cuban cuisine.

Cuban rum in the kitchen of Cubita Santander.

Rum is undoubtedly an indispensable part of the culture of Cubans, so our Restaurant Cubita Santander proposes several dishes, preparations and cocktails to enjoy the most typical flavors of Cuba.

In our canteen, you can find different types of añejos, white and amber, dried or flavored with sugar, fruit or wood. The letter of Cubita Santander rums includes:

  • Ron Santiago Extra Añejo
  • Ron Varadero 15 Años
  • Matusalén
  • Santero 11 Años
  • Ron Cubay
  • Mulata
  • Bacardí Superior
  • Los Marinos Paticruzados – Ron Premium
  • De la marca Habana Club: 3 años, 7 años, 15 años, Selección de Maestros, Gran Reserva y el delicioso Ritual.

All this included in Cuban and international cocktails, accompanied by coconut, pineapple, coffee, grenadine, blue Curaçao and dried liquors.

Within the kitchen and available to the Cuba food menu we also find some elaborations and dishes that include rum in the distinctive cuisine of the Cubita Santander Restaurant. Know them:

Trinitarian Fusion in the places for dinner in Trinidad

An intense chocolate mousse, on which Havana Club rum space aged and coffee is mounted, accompanied by a homemade sweet and crunchy cookie.

Red Sea Shrimp back to Cuba menu.

The preparation is flamed with a special selection of Cuban rums. The alcoholic beverage is placed in a container that withstands high temperatures. It is about to boil and when the liquid begins to exhale the aromas of rum, it ignites with a flame of characteristic blue tone, which spills over shrimp, providing a spectacle to the customer and an incomparable flavor.

Lobster Varadero and Lobster Hemingway live in the best restaurants in Trinidad

Rum symbol of Cuban culture in the Cubita Santander
Lobster Hemingway Fotografía: Teddy Bravo Saavedra

These dishes include rum from the traditional way of Cuban cuisine. A 3-year-old Havana Club Rum sauce is made, which will transfer freshness and an aftertaste to old woods to the delicious meat of the Cuban lobster, another of the best products in the world.

From this generous land, Cuba, our sugar cane is born and from it the most refined rum: Havana Club. Its aged spirits give Cuban rum, warm golden tones and an exceptional aroma. We recommend the Special Añejo to taste it alone, to the rock or deliciously combined with cola easy to found in Trinidad restaurant near me.

To finish the restaurant Cubita Santander offers you a national cocktail: the Cuba Libre. This owes its name to the cry of freedom of the Cuban independent’s in 1868. Prepare it yourself: in a tall glass mix 5cl of Añejo Especial with a few drops of lemon and 2 or 3 ice cubes. Complete with cola and garnish with a slice of lemon.

Know that with this cocktail or any rum you can feel that you are walking through the streets of the city of Trinidad, between the mountains and the sea, to reach safe harbor: the best restaurant Cubita Santander.