The best restaurants in Trinidad and the new Cuban cuisine in the Cubita Santander.

Cuba is the tourist destination of the Antilles par excellence and the best restaurants in Trinidad with the new cuban cuisine in the Cubita Santander.

The best restaurants in Trinidad and the new Cuban cuisine in the Cubita Santander.

The best restaurants in Trinidad and the new Cuban cuisine in the Cubita Santander. Cuba is the tourist destination of the Antilles par excellence. Among its attractions is the fact that it is a paradise island full of natural resources, where Caribbean music and food abound.

Cuban cuisine is going through a process of internationalization and stylization that is the last brushstroke that consolidates and strengthens the world scene, a gastronomy with centuries of tradition. Just have to check trinidad restaurant near me.

At the beginning of the last century, the great influence of the French culture that America experienced caused a change in Cuban cuisine, which adopted an enthusiasm for the new techniques that came from a new European country, other than Spain.

Gastronomy began to be a serious matter and the best restaurants in trinidad and the new Cuban cuisine in the Cubita Santander.

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Respected professional chefs of haute cuisine began to emerge for the first time.

We are currently experiencing a stylization process in which, rescuing the roots, we seek to adapt to the high standards of international cuisine. Above all, changing the presentation of the dishes, trying to keep the “Cuban” as much as possible in the preparation process and at the same time delimit the consumption of fats and sugars so that dietary standards are met.

In many places haute cuisine is synonymous with small portions. This is not well conceived by Cubans,

and in that sense we opted for the same abundant portions, but with a careful placement of aesthetics and great care. Only found in the best restaurants in trinidad.

The new Cuban cuisine in our preparations available only in best restaurants in trinidad .

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The best restaurants in Trinidad and the new Cuban cuisine in the Cubita Santander. The cuisine of Cuba is a fusion of Taino customs, Spanish, African and Caribbean cuisine.

Cuban recipes share the wisdoms of the combination between spices and techniques inherited by the Taíno natives, and subsequently combined from Spanish and African cuisine, with some Caribbean influences on spices and flavors.

There are influences of the African slaves

who cultivated the majority in the sugar cane plantations, although in most of the cities they constituted the minority. authentic like how do you say hello in cuban.

As our Chef Luis Alberto González Lezcano tells us, cooking is a matter of criteria, a criterion of the chef who puts it on the plate, the way of cooking, how to present it and what flavors should predominate over each other.

Applying the new trends that move in the world to traditional Cuban cuisine, something that does not detract from the merit of being authentic and losing the seal of Cuba.

We are at the forefront with modern trends, both to decorate and combine flavors. Combining the Cuban, with valuable products of the Island: honey, fruits, roasted pork. The latter with new flavors and ways to make cuts.

An example of this is the use of the traditional Cuban ajiaco to pair a pork. It is the union of two of the most traditional Cuban dishes in a new way of representing the flavors of Cuba.

We switch to ajiaco as a hot entree, to turn it into a dressing of the typical roast pork of the country. It is presented on the plate with the chef’s own style.

The Cubita Santander best places to eat in cuba uses methods that provide healthy qualities to food.

The meats work hypo fat with lean and roasted meats. With the sauces rehydrate and highlight the flavor or provide a new one.

Today’s kitchen is much healthier and more modern, the use of butter, the correct and necessary use of condiments has been eliminated and we work with low-density oils.

Modern and molecular cuisine at Cubita Santander cuba restaurant and bar

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Some principles of molecular cuisine can be found in our dishes. It works with fake corals made of aromatic herbs, fruits and spirits, it is a crunchy widely used today for side dishes or desserts.

They make a mandatory visit if your are back to cuba menu.

You will also find in our menu the famous spherifications, a culinary technique, which, although quite old, resurfaces in the new kitchen to imitate textures and shapes with different flavors, this technique manages to encapsulate in a thin membrane of gelatinous texture a liquid food or a cream .

The result is similar to the fish roe that explode in the mouth when breaking that thin bed, which is why they are also called “false caviar”.

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because within the sphere you can find all kinds of food, such as vinegars, juices, infusions, creams, wines and whatever creativity and ingenuity allow. In the Cubita Santander menu you will find mango, carrot and basil spherifications that are mainly used to accompany seafood.

In the search for decorative reformist elements and concentrated flavors, explains chef Luis Alberto, one works with foams.

They are softer flavors that enhance the flavor and it is one more texture within the same elaboration.

All of them from natural elements, such as that made from vegetables, aromatic herbs, and carambola, a curious Cuban fruit known for its star shape.

Try our menu of the new cuban cuisine.

The best restaurants in Trinidad and the new Cuban cuisine in the Cubita Santander. Many dishes from the Cubita Santander menu are prepared following these guidelines of modern cuisine.

We propose some dishes for you to taste these new ways of presenting traditional Cuban cuisine.

Bravo Rice: Rice with fruits with fusions of some spicy flavors. With a personal vision of Arab and European rice with fruits of the Cuban season.

Loin of Canan: Pork loin wrapped in salted aluminum foil and sour orange juice, then grilled with Cuban ajiaco sauce to accompany with neutral jelly that gives it consistency.

This is accompanied by a mashed potatoes and paprika baked together to integrate flavors.

Shrimp Tartare: Made with local and raw shrimp, on a base of fresh tomatoes, and between each layer it contains garlic, onion, oregano, lemon, spicy, a beet foam and it is smoked with a smoked bite of a genuine Cuban tobacco , its peculiar aroma is impregnated in the dish and in the bubbles of the foam.

Chef’s Dessert: The perfect union of the most Cuban fruits: mango and tamarind.

These are two creams, one of mango and another of tamarind that are presented in an old fashioned layered glass, assembling custom desserts for each of the diners.

Between each layer of tamarind and mango, the acidity is reduced with a light caramel in syrup.

The new Cuban cuisine

is a very folkloric and ecological cuisine, which in the Cubita Santander prioritizes the sense of nature and the fresh. The traditional ajiaco, which continues to be served in our restaurant, has nothing to envy the French bouillabaisse, the Valencian paella or the Mexican mole, stars all of the world cuisine and available to you in the Cubita Santander trinidad places to eat.

Examples that speak of Cubita Santander as a leading edge and an avant-garde restaurant of the new Cuban cuisine. A space in the city of Trinidad that allows you to take a journey through centuries of culinary tradition without leaving the table.